The One-story 20' x 30' Cottage

This is simple to build one level cottage. It has standard 8' sidewalls built with a sturdy 2x6 framing system. The roof pitch can be adjusted for different climates (it is shown as 10:12 in the elevations). There are three different foundation plans you can use: concrete perimeter crawlspace, slab on grade (2 versions for different climates) and the easy to build post and pier foundation. Each is on a separate blueprint sheet as you will use only one of the three.

20 x 30 cottage interior with beam ceiling

Above is interior view for a steep pitched roof with open "timber truss collar ties". This roof is actually built as a standard rafter framed roof with beefed up collar ties every 4'. They are built from standard 2x lumber so there is no special carpentry skills needed. These heavy looking "timber trusses" are great for hanging fixtures such as fans and lights. Full details for how to build this are included.

20x30 single story floor plan

Here is the detailed floorplan for the 20' wide by 30' long layout. The bedroom and bath has standard attic trusses for a flat ceiling. A pull down stair can provide access to attic storage. The Family room can have cathedral trusses or the exposed rafter ties shown above. 

This floorplan can be easily modified since interior walls do not carry loads. At our membership sister site,, you can download a template file that will allow you to modify and reprint the floorplan and elevations to scale. These customized drawings can then be pasted back into your paper plans for submittal to the builder and building department. To use these template files you will need to purchase an inexpensive home design program. The floorplan and interior perspective drawings shown here were produced with this program. Click here for MORE INFORMATION.

20 x 30 1-floor cottage with open beam ceiling and galley kitchen

There are many floor plan layouts that are easy and inexpensive to build with this basic 20' wide footprint. Here a smaller kitchen hugs the wall and leaves the large interior open. This would be great for a studio type house. For a workshop or home office you might eliminate the kitchen altogether.

. 20 x 30 cottage with flat ceiling and full sized kitchen

Here is a view of the standard floorplan layout with a full sized kitchen and dining area. In this view the roof has been framed with flat bottomed trusses. There is a simple to modify truss layout plan where you can make your choices for the roof layout.

Not shown in these drawings, the plan set also comes with porch layouts and details allowing you to design an 8' deep hip roofed gable end porch or a shed roofed side porch that can wrap around two sides. This porch system is very adaptable and allows for flexible indoor/outdoor living space. With some modificaiton owners can even enclose part of the porch area for more interior living area. 

owner built 20x30 cottage

The cottage above used this plan and was built with beveled siding and an open interior layout. The story of this interesting house can be seen HERE

Plans also include an electrical plan and plumbing layouts, two options for heating and cooling and two different locations for the hot water tank (electric or gas). Most people will not require a mechanical room.

Click HERE for a view of the front and rear elevations.

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