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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a complete set of construction plans?

These plans are a full set of scaled architectural drawings, ready to submit to a local builder or shown to an inspector. As with any building plans, you may be required by the inspector to make changes for your local codes and requirements. You have the right to make copies of the plans for others involved in the project, but the permission is limited to one house for the customer who purchased the plans. 

How long do my plans take to arrive? 

Delivery time for PDF files should be less than 24 hours after placing an order, but often much quicker. Files are sent as an email attachment to your the email address on file with PayPal unless another address was provided. 

How much is shipping? 

We offer free 1st class shipping in US and Canada for paper plan orders. You can also select Priority mail or international shipping at checkout if you’d like to receive the paper plans faster. 

Do you do modifications? 

We don't offer individualized design services. When it comes to making significant changes to the plans, working with a local builder or engineer is usually the best option. Our forum is definitely worth exploring. Asking for recommendations at your local building supply company is a great way to start finding people (engineers/builders/architects). Lots of folks build by using our plans as a starting point, and then working with someone local to make sure they're up to code.

What’s your licensing policy? 

For PDFs, the purchased plan set is good for building one house per customer. The customer has permission to make duplicate copies of the plans for the home one time. You can modify the plans either by making changes to the files or by redrawing the plans but the copies still need to have the CountryPlans copyright information.  

I still have some questions.

No problem, just contact us.

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Helping builders since 1978. Online since 1997.