Vintage farm plans for do-it-yourself builders
This is a site for classic plans from early issues of Popular Mechanics and other do-it-yourself magazines. These plans have been scanned into PDF format and can be printed on you own equipment.

These plans and articles are believed to be free of copyright issues (see below) and are posted for the cultivation of your own project ideas. Most of these plans will need modifications for current materials and, in some cases, to meet modern safety standards. Do not follow these plans blindly! When you download these plans you do so strictly for your own entertainment and to stimulate your own designs.

Copyright Issues

These projects come from an era when men (mostly) went into their basement workshops and turned wood, metal and old motors into things that did real work or helped the kids have fun. The 1940's and 50's were a time when most Americans were producers — people making real stuff. Today, we are largely consumers who let other countries build the things we use.

Have fun exploring this era — maybe it will inspire you to get out your own tools. The plans are organized by Group alphabetically. Thus you would look in the tan column on the left under "T" for tractors. The blue titles can be right clicked and then saved to your own computer. If you left click on a blue plan title Acrobat will attempt to open the file on-line (this will take some time if you are on dial-up service).

Here is an example of a fine wooden boat you might consider (you would look under the letter "B" and go to the boats section):

Left click the image to open the PDF plans (patience, this may take a minute to load).

Right click to save to your own computer.

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