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Any work created on or after January 1, 1978 is automatically copyrighted to the individual who created the work. This copyright is secure and registration is optional.

Before January 1, 1978 the work had to be registered and then was protected by copyright for a term of 28 years from the date of registration. In the 28th year, you had the option to renew the copyright. If you did not renew the copyright, the work became public domain. This meant that anyone could copy, print or publish your work for private or business use. Although, they could not claim authorship or secure a copyright in their own name.

On January 1, 1964 and up until January 1, 1978 a new law made the copyright renewal automatic for a term of 75 years. No longer did you have to renew the copyright.

Vintage Farm Plans makes every effort to verify that the copyright is no longer in effect before it publishes any written work. Due to filing errors or other circumstances, we may acidentally publish a plan that is still copyright protected. If you feel that a plan is copyrighted or you are the original author and do not wish to have your plan posted, please send an email describing the plan and the circumstances surrounding why you feel it should not be published. We will research the request and unless your claim is false, the plan will be removed.

You may do your own research at the U.S. Copyright Office.

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