24' wide 2 story home in Maine

updated 6/27/2016

This classic home incorporates some of the features and plan details of the 20' wide Universal Cottage but the owners modified the design to fit their wider format and provided for a main floor shed addition.

The house has a full basement, spray foam insulation and many upgraded features. It was built for a budget of $125,000 by this young couple and was their first home building experience. See a few photos below and then follow-up with more on the forum posts linked below.

framing the 20' wide

Ready for a Maine winter.

wood stove and masonry surround.

The owners had a local mason build a fine stonework surround
and chimney for only a bit more than a metal chimney.

in progress shot of cottage

Earlier shot of the front deck and side addition.

Icynene insulation

Icynene is a water-based spray foam that provides air sealing and high insulation in one application.

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