The 1 - 1/2 story 20'x 30' Cottage

This plan set has a 20' x 30' footprint with a variable size loft upstairs. It uses a balloon framed 10' sidewall to to get more usable space under the steep roof above. There are three different foundation types in the plans: concrete crawlspace, slab on grade (2 versions for different climates) and a post and pier foundation. You choose the one you want to build. If you wish, this plan can be extended in length as the structural frames can be duplicated on 2' increments. It can be built with a full or partial loft.

This plan is easy to modify and has been built by many CountryPlan memebers in different climates. Here are some photos and reports sent in or posted to the forums from folks building with this plan.

20x30 1-1/2 story cottage

The floorplan above shows a small loft above the bath and main floor bedroom which has a standard ceiling with 7'-6" headroom for a center width of 6' before the roof slopes down on either side (see photo below). The Great Room can have an open cathedral ceiling with rafter ties, or continue the 2x12 loft floor joists making the usable loft area the full length of the building. 

20' wide cottage with steep stair and open beam ceiling

Here is a view looking at the steep cottage staircase and a beam and deck ceiling over the Great Room. There is also a stair layout for a full sized "U" shaped stair if needed. This will take more floor area but often works better with a full length loft. With the steep stair a pantry is tucked under the stairway. 

loft floor

Finished loft looking from the top of the stair. 2'x4' skylights can be added
between the sloped truss rafters to allow more light and ventilation into the loft.

Exterior treatments are shown below.
20 x 30 cottage with porch from outside
Computer model - shingle treatment.

One built version of the house without the porch.

20 x 30 cottage with hip roofed porch

The plan set (blueprints) includes 11 sheets of drawings including all drawings needed to apply for most building permits:

    - 3 foundation plan sheets - one each for post & pier, slab or crawlspace foundations 
      (you will submit one of these).
    - Main floor and porch plan with electrical layouts and door and window call-outs.
    - Cross section drawing showing framing and insulation levels, stairway construction and a header
      chart for wall openings. Diagrams for locally made roof trusses (for easy engineering).
    - Loft floor plan with electrical and a loft framing plan with two ways of constructing the floor.
    - Loft roof details and cross section of site built truss and wall to truss connections.
    - Loft floor to wall details for supporting the joists or exposed beam ceiling.
    - Porch and deck plans for both a hip end porch (shown above) and a wrap around
      porch or deck. This can be extended as desired.
    - Includes deck and roof framing details & railing details.
    - Four building elevations showing roofing, roof trim details, siding suggestions and porch and    
       roof slopes. Includes total Bldg. height (22'-6").
    - Trim corner details, window & door trim details (inside and outside), corner trim detail,
       window hood detail, and tips on extra money saving ideas for finishes.
    - Standard window and door sheet for cutting out and replacing doors and windows in the
       existing plans (allows cut & paste drafting for simple changes).
    - Plan notes include suggestions for for heating and cooling and two different locations for the
      hot water tank (electric or gas).

This plan set includes additional bonuses in an enclosed booklet:

    - How to Customize Plans for your site and space needs.
    - A Platform Framing Guide and Glossary of terms
    - I-joist update for 20' wide Cottages (Tips on framing with I-joists)
    - Alternative cottage stair plans to use for the loft (or for basement).
    - Taking your Plans to the Building Department - tips on working with inspectors.
    - How to read plans - includes symbol guide.
    - A foundation and soil guide to help you choose the best foundation system.
    - Earthquake and Wind Bracing - inexpensive tips for meeting special local requirements 
      (may not be needed).

Your plans come with full reprint rights. You can make as many copies as needed for your builder, building department or subcontractors. All you need is a copy shop with an 11x17 copier. We only ask that you build no more than one house per plans set. There is an optional Materials List done by a take-off engineer (P010-B).

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