Solar Saltbox home in North Idaho

Updated 12-17-09

Here are photographs and the story of the Yeats home and how it has evolved.

Here's a report from Dave Yeats:

"This is a mirror image of the Solar Saltbox plans with all the original extentions. I used only 450 gallons of propane during a very hard winter last year. We use hydronic floor heating as you had recommended, running the 1/2 inch pipe throughout the downstairs, including sunroom, and under the upstairs living space. House always feels warm with Thermostate set at 67�."


The front wrap around porch with pop-out bedroom alcove above. This is a reflected version of the blueprint plan.

sunroom view

View from the sunroom

back of house

Rear of house and 2nd floor addition on the right.


Winter has its own look up here.


Sunroom is to the left and stairway to the upstairs at the right.

living room

Looking into the living room and the bay window. The alcove is here used as a home office.

living room #2

A view of the living room from the stairway and dining area.


Sunroom which is heated and used as an office and family room.

side view

A final view of the side of the house and porch..

Oh, and a note from Dave: "We added a 20' x 28' carport to the west side this Fall. Fits the house well. Want a pic?"

So, check back for an update to these photos.

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