14x18 Workshop and wood shed

Updated 1-3-11

The owner worked with ideas from the Little House 14x24 plans and has built a nice
workshop with an attached wood shed. They added a slab foundation and built with
10' tall 2x6 studs that are framed for a partial loft.

These photos came from Doug McNeill

Doug and his son have been building a shop and sent in these progress photos.

exterior of 14x18 workshop

Fall picture of the shop with its 8x18 shed addition.

shop in winter

After the first snow.

shop foundation

The owners first poured a solid slab-on-grade foundation (this is not in the plans)

wall framing

They framed the walls with 2x6 studs 10' tall.
The taller studs allow for a usable loft and higher ceilings

Loft joists bolted to 10' studs

T1-11 siding was put up over the moisture barrier paper and then the loft joists were
bolted to the studs. The loft does not cover the entire length but
leaves a cathederal ceiling area over part of the shop.


Here is the other wall of the shop after the insulation is in place.

window trim with T1-11

Here is a simple trim treatment for T1-11 siding.

nice red door

A nice red cross-buck door adds some inexpensive class.

Peak window

Here's an idea from the Little House plans - a square window set at 45 in the 12:12 gable end.

This project continues to develop. Doug and his son are currently building a stair for loft access.

Comments from John Raabe: Thanks for sharing your fine project Doug.

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