20' wide 1-1/2 story cabin

Got this email a few days ago.... [now a few years ago]

"After getting the 20’ 1-1/2 story cottage plans well over a year ago. I finally got it going up. The contractor I hired was pleased with the plans. Easy for him to understand. Will let you know more as it progresses."
John McElroy

Here are some photos John sent along.

framing the 20' wide

Here you can see the site built trusses.

plans on the wall

Workng the plans!


Looking up into the trusses

corner framing

Corner bracing and 2x6 framing. Windows going in.

framing and flashing for hip roofed porch

Framing and flashing in place for hip roofed porch

front porch

The front porch roof is up.

The builder has installed 4x4 posts rather than the 6x6 shown in the plans. This is not a problem of strength, but a fatter post is more "friendly" as well as having better scale. (See Here for example). 4x4 posts can be easily wrapped with 1x or 2x at a later date if desired.

bilco door to basement

Bilco type door to steep stair to basement.

Here is the 2nd email and another batch of photos a bit later: 

"Here it is completed. ~60 days start to finish.
 Thanks, for your help and the Great plans!"

Front porch of 20x34 cottage cabin

Probably not the best photo but you can see the front of the house
and the steps to the hip roofed porch.

wooden cottage stair

Nice job on the stair and a fine spot for a stacked washer dryer.


Kitchen looking out the big window.


Looking over the eating bar.

loft bedroom

The upstairs loft room (as yet unfurnished).

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