16' wide Victoria & 14' x 24' Builders Cottage
A compound of small buildings.

An owner-builder photo story: 

Cottage compound nears completion

The wintertime photo above shows the project nearing completion.

On the right is the 14' wide  Builders Cottage. On the left, the 16' wide Victoria's Cottage.
The two buildings are connected in the back by a common hall and mudroom utility area.

red door

The red door gives a hint of character to come.
Below is the 14' wide red door cottage updated with a more lived-in look eight months later.

14' wide cottage home

And a view of the larger 16' wide Victoria cottage stepping forward.

compound of small houses

The main level bedroom addition to the Victoria cottage has an open cathedral ceiling.

cathedral ceiling with fans

Here are a few shots of the kitchen area in the Victoria cottage.

Kitchen in the Victoria cottage

sink and windows of the Victoria cottage

Dining area of 16' wide cottage

The passover between the kitchen and the eating area. Here is the latest report from Donna LeBlanc:

It's been a long time since we sent pictures! As you can see from these photos, we have been busy! We are still working to complete the cottages but we have only minor finish-up things left to do. We are making progress and still absolutely love the floorplans. The two cottages work perfect for our family!

Here are some interior pictures of the smaller 14' wide Builders Cottage that Donna and her husband share.
(They gave the "big" house to their daughter and granddaughte!.)

Builders cottage kitchen

Builders cottage kitchen

Builders cottage Dining nook

Builders cottage corner Dining nook 

Builder cottage living room

This is looking back across the cathedral ceiling of the Great Room to the front of the cottage.
The white French doors are painted red on the outside and open onto the front porch..

Earlier construction shots are below.

Cottage compound

The Victoria cottage is on the left, with the Builder's cottage on the right.

Victoria cottage side with gable addition

Here you see the other side of the Victoria with the gable addition.

framing stage of compound

Here is a view further back. The mudroom connection is between the two structures.

connecting element between two cottages

On the left you can see the kitchen pop-out for the Victoria cottage and behind that,
the mudroom utility element that ties the two buildings together.

Here is the backside of the hip roofed connecting element. Small gables turn
the corner and connect to the back walls of the two cottages.

This type of idea could be used to connect other types of small buildings into linked compounds.
One advantage of such a project is that construction could be done in stages if needed.

Roof is on

Here is the Builder's Cottage front porch and the roof being finished up.
Notice the double French doors to the porch. Nice touch.

street view

Here is the street view of the compound.

Here is what Donna had to say about this project:

"Hi, John. Here are some pictures of our progress. As you can see Victoria's Cottage is on the left and the Builder's Cottage is on the right. There will be a mudroom/laundry room connecting the two houses. We expect to be completely dried-in by the end of next week. We will send more pictures as we progress...

We LOVE the plans!"

Donna LeBlanc

Link to the Builders Cottage plans. Link to the Victoria's Cottage plans.

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