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Building The Modern Country Homestead
Finding homestead land
Finding and Moving onto land - how to find your "Best Place"

Outline of Steps:

  1. Find the area, region or landscape that most interests you.

  2. Find a community within that area that combines feelings of stimulation and connectedness.

  3. Locate the right property in or near your chosen community.

  4. Get to know your chosen property and its immediate area.

  5. Develop a vision of what you want to do with this property.

  6. Buy the property for the right terms and price.

  7. Develop a long-term building plan for the house, landscaping and outbuildings.

  8. Build the first phase building and move onto your land.

  9. Develop and modify your homestead development plan and its self-supporting income base.

country homestead farm
Classic farmhouse with wide porch and bedrooms
tucked up under the gables. Horse not included.

Free Tools - Here's How to get started...

Find the right Region or Area

  • This has to do with climate, landscape
    & your natural environment.

Find the Right Community

  • Once you have the general area, find
    the right community in that area.

Find the Right Land

  • Use these ideas to help "predesign" a house layout
    on property you are considering for purchase.

Site Checklist

  • Print this two page checklist and take it
    with you when looking at property

Designing a Natural House

  • How to plan a house with soul.

How to use a copy machine
as your draftsman

  • How to draw a site plan for new land

  • How to grab useful ideas from
    magazine plans.

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