A $10,000 owner-built 14' x 36' Little House


Here is an email with photos that I got recently:
(the owner's information is condensed below)

Exterior photo with front porch and TWO rocking chairs. 

A $10,000 owner-built cabin using the Little House Plans Kit

The owner used friends and family to put this home together and purchased $500
worth of "outside labor". I assume this was for the hookups for electrical and plumbing.
The siding looks like stained plywood with 1x3 battens, the roof galvanized iron - simple and direct.


Kitchen of the $10,000 cabin -  Small but workable, the bathroom door is on the right and the
ladder goes up to an office in the loft. Note the pine wood paneling.

Interior of the loft of $10,000 cabin

The loft office - The owner put up used ponderosa pine 1x12 on the ceiling
and finished it with polyurethane clear varnish.

view from the loft of $10,000 cabin

The Bedroom from the loft - Here the owner extended the standard plan for a
main floor bedroom.

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