Victoria's Cottage (16' wide)

Victoria's Cottage maximizes the living space in a classically styled small house. 

If you haven't yet seen the photos, drawings and description of the house, click HERE.

The Plans set for Victoria's cottage are printed on three large plan sheets of 24 x 36. You are licensed to make additional copies of these plans as needed for your project and modify them for local requirements. Plans include:

  • Floor plans for the fully expanded cottage with porches, additions and extensions.
  • Four elevations of the fully expanded cottage with details on siding, trim and framing
  • Loft plans and details for an exposed wood and plank upper floor
  • Detailed cross sections through walls, floors, each foundation option, and roof
  • Detailed cross section at window seat in bedroom
  • Details for two different types of wood porches (notes for building side porches using this system)
  • Typical cross section through the main section of the house
  • Alternative cross section with a post and pier foundation and rafter and collar tie roof
  • Framing and connection details on the above roof
  • Foundation plans for a crawlspace and wood floor
  • Foundation plans for slab
  • Foundation plans for concrete post and pier foundation and wood floor
  • Floor plans for simple 16' x 28' expandable studio house with an alternative cross section. (This is not an additional full set of drawings but a simple construction system you will need to layout for your own needs.)
  • Window, door, skylight and mechanical schedules with notes and specifications
  • Structural specifications for concrete, steel, lumber, sheathing and nailing
  • General notes on stairs, fire safety and instructions to the builder
  • Plumbing and electrical notes for layout

Included is a 8 1/2 x 11 booklet including:

  • Project Planner - How to customize the plans to your site and budget
  • How to Read Plans - Structural notes, symbols and abbreviations.
  • Taking your Plans to the Building Dept. - How to file for a permit and work with a builder
  • Foundations and Soil Types - Includes additional information on building the post and pier foundation.

Please note: The full Victoria plan, with the bedroom addition and kitchen pop-out is not a house for a first time builder. It has some large exposed beams and a more complex foundation plan than other CountryPlans houses. The 16' x 28' expandable studio house (included in the set) is simple to build, but the full Victoria is a rather custom home and some of the handsome projects shown in the photos and on the Gallery were built with professional help with both local plan modifications & construction. 

If you are planning to build an inexpensive owner-built house and this is your first house, a better choice would be one of the simpler 20' wide cottages.

Price: $115.95    # P007-A
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