Sheathing the Walls and Roof

We used the same subfloor sheathing on the roof that we did on the floor. (We use it as a walking deck.) On the walls we put 1/2 in. OSB sheathing. We then wrapped the house in tar paper because we got a great deal on a load of wet 1x6 fir that we're using on the interior. Later we'll use the rest as vertical board & batt siding on the outside. You could also use shingles or a combination of lap siding and shingles.

Another way to do the walls is to use a single layer of 5/8 in. T1-11 plywood. T1-11 comes with various groove patterns, but I like to use the plain plywood with 1x3 battens. When painted, it looks quite nice.

In most cases this would save you money and be quicker to build.

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