A 14' x 20' owner-built Cabin

Read this interesting email I got the other day:

John, I enjoy reading the posts in your discussion board and thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of a cabin I've been working on for several years now. 

For those wondering if they could really build their own little house I say sure you can but you need to want it bad!

A couple of factors have added to the normal amount of hard work required on my building project. The building site is 2 1/2 hrs. from my home and the cabin site is up on a ridge about 1/4 mile from the road with only a cow path up a steep slope for access. Just getting the material to the site takes some hard work and planning. Also I should mention that I've been fighting Multiple Sclerosis for nearly 23 yrs. and get around with the help of two canes and a 4X4. I cut all of the lumber myself at home and took it to the site by truck/trailor. Studs, plates, headers, rafters and collar ties.

With the help of friends, I was able to complete the shell this year. I should also mention that one friend who helped a lot (Tim Casson) is totally blind. It is amazing what one can accomplish if you want it bad enough!

Best Regards, Jeff Creswell

Now, if I read this right, a guy who needs two canes to get around - with the help of a blind man - milled all his own timber, hauled it up to this site and put this fine little cabin together.

Now, just what was your excuse again?

PS - Jeff didn't build from my plans so even I can't take any credit for helping him!

PPS - Jeff also gave me the info on how he did build the house:

  • Foundation: Nine Piers, 40" deep on 2X2X8" footings. 16X16 piers made by stacking block up dry (staggering joints) and poured full with concrete.

  • Floor system: 2X8 16" on center joists with triple center beam and double rim joists.

  • Walls: 2X4 16" on center with 2X8 headers.

  • Roof system: 2X8 rafters 16" on center, 10 in 12 pitch.

  • 14X8 sleeping loft.

  • 5 windows and 2 doors.

Update from Jeff (November, 2007)

small cabin in woods

Finally got the siding and soffits closed in. (By my good friend Hans in picture forground.)  
I hope to perk the first pot of coffee on the wood burning cook stove that we installed yesterday on my next trip. Might even send an indoor pic at some point. 

(Sent a couple of days later...)
Forgot to give some details with pic. Siding is 1" Hemlock from a local mill. 1X10 board and 1x3 Batts. Hans also lowered the loft by 12" and lengthened it by 2'. There's enough head room to stand at the middle now. 

Toasted you and Country Plans with that 1st cup!........JC

(Note - pink in image is a digital artifact - JR)

Link to the Little House plans used for this house. 

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