Jeff Milstein bolt-together house plans

Jeff Milstein - the bolt together house

Plans for this cabin were originally published by Family Circle magazine in 1972. Questions about this interesting owner-builder project have bubbled to the surface of the small home building forum for many years.

The photos and diagrams below will tell you more about the project including a free download of the 1972 article about the house. At the bottom there is information about how to download the plans.

Jeff Milstein bolt together house photos
The project was fabricated in a barn, driven to the site by a car
pulling a trailer and then assembled in the woods.

bolt together house diagram

This gives you an idea of how it goes together,
more is in the free download below.

steps of construction for the bolt together house

All images from "The Tiny Book of Tiny Houses", by Lester Walker.

Here you can download a PDF with additional information including the original 1972 Family Circle article on the house. From it you can print out color photos of the house, its internal details and a construction model (from a French article on the house). Right click and save this file to your own computer.

We offer the full Bolt-Together House Plans as a free add-on to any purchase of our house plans. Simply order any of our house plans and after receiving the plan order email, reply and let us know you'd like a copy of the Bolt-Together House Plans, and we'll send you a copy. Please note the plans are not up to current codes so they are meant only for ideas and NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION.

Jeff Milstein, the designer, has freely allowed us to share these historic plans. Here is his note: "This is a great plan for ideas, especially about a preassembled small cabin. These plans are over 35 years old and are not designed for and do not meet most building codes. They are offered for historic and artistic interest only. NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION".

We are grateful to Jeff for his generosity in allowing CountryPlans to offer these plans and help keep this little corner of the internet alive and healthy for builders and enthusiasts of all stripes!

Jeff Milstein bolt-together house plans

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