Jeff Milstein bolt-together house plans

Jeff Milstein - the bolt together house

Plans for this cabin were originally published by Family Circle magazine in 1972. Questions about this interesting owner-builder project have bubbled to the surface of the small home building forum for many years.

The photos and diagrams below will tell you more about the project including a free download of the 1972 article about the house. At the bottom there is information about how to download the plans.

Jeff Milstein bolt together house photos
The project was fabricated in a barn, driven to the site by a car
pulling a trailer and then assembled in the woods.

bolt together house diagram

This gives you an idea of how it goes together,
more is in the free download below.

steps of construction for the bolt together house

All images from "The Tiny Book of Tiny Houses", by Lester Walker.

Here you can download a large PDF file with additional information including the original 1972 Family Circle article on the house. From it you can print out color photos of the house, its internal details and a construction model (from a French article on the house). 

• Right click and save THIS FILE to your own computer •
• Then open with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Shelia Shafer, a member of the countryplans forum, has shared a copy of the original 1972 construction plans. We have worked with designer Jeff Milstein and arranged to make copies of the plans available for download. We have converted the drawing sheets to PDF format. The plans are printed on 5 sheets of 24x36 size. Please NOTE: These plans are over 35 years old and are not designed for and do not meet most building codes. They are offered for historic and artistic interest only.

The original construction blueprints can be downloaded at the PlanHelp subscription website. This is a sister site to CountryPlans. An initial three month subscription to the site costs $29. Once you join, you can download this and other valuable plans, details and construction resources which you can preview HERE.

Jeff Milstein bolt-together house plans

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